Baby Shower wishes

Planning for the baby shower is a task in itself. Be it preparing the mother for it or the decoration, everything and anything can cause trouble. Even if you are visiting a baby shower function you ought to carry something for the mother and her upcoming little baby and of course a bundle of wishes. So before you get to visit the expecting mother be sure of the fact that all the wishes, blessings, love and presents you are going to present to the mother is going to affect her. Also it is tiring even for the mother to keep sitting with that baby bump and carrying out constant communication with the guests.

The cards or wishes you give must be encouraging, caring and wishing which should just enlighten the expecting mother. So here is a small list of the probable wishes and blessings you can offer to the mother and her upcoming baby.




  1. Here’s wishing you a healthy and a plumpy baby and a beautiful life ahead to your family. Happy mother, happy baby.
  2. The most beautiful gift a lady can offer in this world is another soul. Wishing you a healthy baby and a life full of surprises and love. Blessings to the expecting mother and her baby.
  3. Giving birth to a child is a whole new experience for a mother. Wishing you a safe delivery and a blooming child. May the blessings of the almighty shower upon you and your upcoming baby.
  4. You are going to welcome another you in this world. Can’t wait to see the new version of both the parent. Wishing you a happy baby and a beautiful life ahead.
  5. May god bless you and the little precious gem stone you are going to welcome in this world. Eagerly waiting for the baby to land on earth. Blessing to the mother and her child.
  6. Always wished to see you becoming a mother since you have been playing with your dolls. Now my daughter is capable of bringing a sweet little baby on the planet. May all the blessing shower upon you, you baby and your family. Keep blooming and wishing you a safe delivery.
  7. So you are at that phase of life where you will face emotions running towards you. Congratulations you’re now going to give a new life to you family. May your baby be as cute as you are.
  8. The baby is almost here! And once a sweet little girl is now going to enter a new phase of life of becoming a mother herself. What could be more wonderful than watching my elder sister getting troubled by someone. Enjoy the journey with your little upcoming life.
  9. Blessing to the to be mother. Welcome your baby with all the love and blessings on earth. Wishing you a happy and a safe delivery and a sweet bunch of goodness. Enjoy every phase of your life with your upcoming baby because time flies away and later yoy are going to miss this all. I hope you learn to bake.