Funny Birthday Greetings

Birthdays are a special time. For some it’s all about fun and celebration while for others it is just another day rather a day of reminding oneself of getting closer to be old. But looking at the brighter side of life it is another day of celebration and you must celebrate your ageing.

Whosesoever’s birthday it is, you ought to crash into the party with that fun and frolic mood and birthday greetings are the best especially when they’re funny. So you must be preparing something for your special one, be it gifts, cards, surprises and lot more. So here’s a list of funny birthday messages that will surely turn on the triggers of the special birthday person.

Top Funny Birthday Quotes And Wishes



funny bday

  1. I have been looking everywhere for a descent gift but have got nothing but this wig, for the pace at which you’re losing hair you will probably be bald by your next birthday. Happy birthday bald headed boy!
  2. Happy birthday to fluffy bear! May you be blessed with a buffet cake night and then a day spent well in the washroom.
  3. It’s good that you’re inching closer to death, I will probably enjoy those extra fries in the evening after you leave. So wishing you a happy birthday and die early. By the way this is what science says.
  4. Happy birthday to my best buddy. Hope to see eating your birthday cake without any teeth left and just gulping the cream. That would be fun.
  5. Happy birthday to those new emerging lines and wrinkles on your face. They probably seem to complement your facial features and make you look more beautiful.
  6. Happy birthday to my best friend. Hope your birthday is as aromatic as your fart and as beautiful as your running nose.
  7. Happy burp day my friend. You can burp whole day long without any permission and etiquettes is something you’ve never had. But don’t forget to put on a new shirt on your birthday; you have been putting this one for the last two weeks.
  8. Happy birthday to my beautiful and disturbed friend who continues to poop for hours but still continues to chat with me. I love you the way you are sweetheart. Remain dirty and cheap forever.
  9. Happy Birthday Grandpa! Can surely make out that it is impossible for you to finish that piece of cake without your beautiful set of teeth but still you remain to be the most funniest and fluffiest of all grandpas on earth. By the way I just noticed that extra wrinkle besides you cheek. Happy ageing.
  10. Happy birthday to my best friend who never minds seeing picture of my boobs and continues to emit strong love and care for me just like the unicorn farting the rainbow. Our friendship is eternal and could have never found a friend who is so disgusting and cheap. Thank you for always being there with me while I was pooping. Love you loads.