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Wedding Anniversary Wishes And Quotes

Marriage Anniversary wishes

Marriage is not only a bond between two people but it is the bond between two families also. Marriage socially signifies the relationship between two families and the rise of bride and groom to another level. Wedding remains to be one beautiful lifelike celebration which leads to commencement of a new bond and a new life. It stands as an amazing value for the whole life. So once you get indulged in the relationship of a husband and a wife you develop certain sentiments for your spouse as well as his/ her family. So when it’s your anniversary you get to celebrate your new life and cherish every moment you have spent with your spouse. Also the joy of living a happy married life is better known when you get to discover each other in the most monotonous and routine life. So here is a small list of wishes to your favorite couple.

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Top Birthday Quotes And Wishes 

  1. Happy wedding anniversary to my favorite and the most romantic couple. You’ve both been my best friends and have seen your relationship growing stronger every time I meet you. Keep loving each other the same way. Love you both.
  2. Wishing the best couple a very blissful marriage anniversary. Continue to blossom throughout life.
  3. To the beautiful couple on earth i wish you both a very hearty and romantic marriage anniversary. May your bond continue to grow stronger and better. Seriously have never seen such a lively and beautiful couple. Love you both.
  4. On this special day the best wishes go to the best couple for the wonderful love you share. May you be blessed with love that lasts for ages. You both make a wonderful pair.
  5. Happy anniversary to the most romantic couple on the whole planet. I wish you joy, love happiness and a dozen beautiful babies. Good luck for the journey ahead.
  6. All I can say is happy marriage anniversary because I seriously don’t have words for the love you both share. It’s just so soothing and calm. Seriously have never seen such a calm and patient couple in my whole life. May you be blessed for your journey ahead.
  7. To my best friends who are now celebrating their first anniversary. Happy anniversary. Your relationship is so far the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. Am happy to be a part of you both.
  8. When I first saw you both I never dreamt of you posing as a couple but finally you both are up to celebrating your marriage anniversary. Happy that you both have made this so far. Be blessed always and hope to catch up with you guys bon more such occasions. Happy anniversary!
  9. Happy anniversary to the dream couple. Be it you wedding or your love lives, both are like fairytale stories which continue to surprise each of us. Stay happy and blessed and celebrate even this special occasion of your life in the most beautiful way like you’ve been doing till now.
  10. I still remember the hard times you both have spent together but I am extremely proud to see you both rising to a whole new level and you have been successful in making it to a wonderful journey because of your compatibility. May you be blessed with all the love on earth . Happy anniversary gifts !
Happy Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Wishes For Loved Ones

Happy birthday wishes are the world’s best wishes. These wishes are really sweet and heart warming. They can melt anybody’s heart and can bring your loved ones even closer to you. No matter how far you live from your close ones you can always send these beautiful wishes to them on their birthday. So what are you waiting for just pick the wishes you liked the most and send them to your pal on his birthday.


  1. Happy birthday best friend, hope you achieve everything in life.
  2. They way you look at me is simply amazing and I wish the best of everything to you on this amazing day. Happy birthday love.
  3. Happy birthday baby. Have a grate day love.
  4. May all your dreams come true, happy birthday.
  5. With you everything is right, happy birthday my lucky charm.
  6. You look so pretty darling; I am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy birthday.
  7. I’ll always be by your side no matter what happens, happy birthday love.
  8. You are like a beautiful dream to me, happy birthday love.
  9. I feel so lucky to have you in my life as a special one. Happy birthday baby.
  10. May all your problems shed off and fortune bestow over you from the heaven. Happy birthday love.
  11. No matter where I go, you’ll always be in my heart. Happy birthday my love.
  12. With you everything is magical, you have made my life a beautiful fairy tale. Happy birthday sweetheart.
  13. A friend like you is like a one-man family. Happy birthday brother.
  14. With you life becomes meaningful, happy birthday love.
  15. I don’t know how will I ever be able to live without you, I love you mom. Happy birthday.
  16. You will always remain my superhero dad. Happy birthday.
  17. I am so happy my little princess is finally 16, happy birthday love.
  18. A friend like you is a friend for life. Happy birthday buddy.
  19. In rain, in drought, in summer, in winter, I’ll always be by your side pal. Happy birthday.
  20. I promise to be the best lover one can have. Happy birthday love.
  21. Happy birthday love, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
  22. The way you smile melts my heart every time. Happy birthday beautiful.
  23. Each time I close my eyes a prayer for you flows out of my heart. Happy birthday darling.
  24. I wish you could see what I see when I look into your eyes. Happy birthday lifeline.
  25. Even if I try I wont be able to find anyone as beautiful as you. Happy birthday love.

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Happy Birthday Wishes

Good morning wishes

Wishing good morning is just not enough, say something more to your pals to make their morning good. Here is our small collection of some very awesome and beautiful morning wishes. No matter how far you are form your family you can still send these adorable morning wishes to your close ones. I loved wishing good morning to my family and if you too like it them you must give a read to these wishes. They will fill your heart with positivity and love. Hope you like our collection. Good morning !

Good morning mom, I hope the sun brings all the positivity to you.
Stay calm stay happy stay vibrant, good morning my love.
I hope you have a great day ahead. Good morning.
May the force be with you, good morning.
I can feel there is love in the air, good morning.
I pray that you have a great day ahead.
May this sunny day bring happiness to you, good morning.
Good morning my love.
Have a nice day my friend.
A very good morning father.
You look as beautiful as this morning, good morning.
The birds will sing love to you and wind will kiss your cheeks. Good morning.
I am sure you’ll have a great day today, good morning.
Do good to others and others will do great to you. Good morning sister.
Stay positive stay happy, good morning.

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Happy Birthday Wishes

Truly romantic birthday wishes

Love is the beautiful and we all wish the best for our lovers. Then how can we just say happy birthday to our special one on his/her special day. That’s why here is a collection of the most beautiful and touching birthday wishes. No matter how much you try you can’t find wishes as lovely as these are. They will melt your lover’s heartland will express your love in words to them. I have personally send these wishes to my boyfriend on his birthday and he was so happy that it made me cry. So try them this year on your lover’s birthday and just see the magic.

Romantic birthday wishes


  • My love I hope you stay alive till there are stars bright in the sky.
  • Happy birthday.
  • As long as you breath my heart beats. Happy birthday baby.
  • In the end tears don’t lie, it’s hard to hide the happiness inside. Happy birthday my love.
  • A vey happy birthday to the girl I love. You will always remain my princess.
  • I wish you live a thousands years baby. Happy birthday.
  • I can’t stop smiling it’s my lovers birthday. Happy birthday baby.
  • I am so lucky to have a person like you in my life.
  • May gold fulfil all your dreams my love, happy birthday.
  • In the end what matters is the smile of your face. Happy birthday my love.
  • I am so gall it’s your birthday. Happy birthday darling.
  • I know a princess and today is her birthday, happy birthday darling.
  • I have loved you and always will, happy birthday my life.

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Happy Birthday Wishes

Inspirational Happy Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes are forever; they come in our life each year and stay with us for an entire year. These wishes are very pleasant and heart touching. They make us happy and feel special.

We can send these wishes to our family and friends on their birthday. These wishes will bring fortune and happiness for an entire to your friend. These wishes show how much we care for them and that we bless them on their birthday.

Below you can find our collection of some beautifully written and even funny birthday wishes. I hope you end these to your close ones on their birthday.

  1. No matter how old you get, you will always remain my son. Happy birthday.
  2. It’s your birthday, come-on smile. Happy birthday.
  3. I love you so much, you’re an amazing person. Happy birthday.
  4. Smile its your birthday. Happy birthday.
  5. I can tell you how happy I am. Happy birthday.
  6. May god bless you. Happy birthday.
  7. I hope all these candles on your cake bright up your life like a billion lanterns. Happy Birthday.
  8. I am so lucky to have a friend like you. Happy birthday.
  9. You make life worth living. Happy birthday.
  10. I don’t know how but you manage to look younger each year on your birthday. Happy birthday.
  11. I wish the best for you. Happy birthday.
  12. Let’s party our heart out tonight. Happy birthday.
  13. I am so happy; it’s my best friend’s birthday. Happy birthday.
  14. May all your wishes come true. Happy birthday.
  15. You are the world’s best mother. Happy birthday mom.
  16. I saw and angle and that’s you. Happy birthday.
  17. Today a surprise came in our life and that’s you. Happy birthday son.
  18. I am happy; it’s my mom’s birthday.
  19. I feel so blessed to have a person like you in my life. Happy birthday.
  20. Mom you are the world’s best cook and mother. Happy birthday.
  21. Today my superman was born and that’s my dad. Happy birthday.
  22. I hope we celebrate your birthday each year with love and joy. Happy birthday.
  23. No matter how far we live. I will always love you. Happy birthday.
  24. You are the beatings of my heart, I love you so much. Happy birthday.
  25. I can’t stay calm; it’s my brother’s birthday. Happy birthday.
  26. A very happy birthday to you sister.
  27. You make life beautiful, happy birthday.
  28. Whenever I close my eyes, I see your face. Happy birthday love.
  29. It is a privilege to have a person like you in lifeI don’t know how to define what you mean to me and to my life. Happy birthday.
  30. I love you so much baby. Happy birthday.
  31. I love you and will as long as there are stars in the sky. Happy birthday.
  32. Today a queen was born. Happy birthday mom.
  33. You are simply amazing sister. Happy birthday.
  34. You have always made us proud son. Happy birthday.
  35. Let’s all dance and wish our friend the best. Happy birthday.
  36. Happy birthday to the world’s greatest dad.
  37. You are simply amazing brother. Happy birthday.
  38. You have always cared for me. Happy birthday.
  39. I can’t ever thank you for everything you have done for me. Happy birthday.
  40. You have made my life very amazing
  41. I can’t express how happy I am today. Happy birthday.
  42. Come on smile it’s your birthday happy birthday. I heard its your birthday today. Happy birthday.
  43. No matter how much we fight, we will always stay friends. Happy birthday.
  44. Happy birthday to the most beautiful sister.
  45. You look so amazing in that birthday suit. Happy birthday.
  46. I can’t take my eyes off you today.
  47. I have always enjoyed your birthday parties. May we celebrate them each year. Happy birthday.
  48. Happy birthday to the most brilliant brother.
  49. Sister you have made my life beautiful. Happy birthday.